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Szamódy Zsolt Olaf



Zsolt Szamódy (1956) studied at the University of Physical Education, Budapest. In addition he has already been taking pictures from his twenties. His first exhibition - Waterfront was opened in 1986 supported by the Hungarian Art Foundation.
His first creative period was marked by a social consciousness, when most of his subjects came from his hometown, Tatabánya, the former socialist mining and industrial town in Hungary, with its workforce sliding down the social scale and its factories abandoned and derelict.
His series on the Komárom’s fortifications, which played an important role in Hungarian history for centuries, met with considerable success (1991). The album was published in 1998 and won exclusive prizes. The fortification project was developed with the painter József Gaál, The Catacombs was invited to the Nation-wide Photography Exhibition (Art Hall, Budapest, 2001).
Szamódy consistently researches, takes photos and documents the changing of the nature, the irreversible human interferences. He is the lover of the water also, first he photographed the rivers then he became a yachtsman at lake Balaton and Mediterranean.
With writer Tibor Wehner and graphic artist Ádám Lévai, Szamódy published a volume on his mysterious and strange experience which explored the issue of an assumed creature in the lake of Tata (2003).
His new series Presence continued his documentations on the connection between the nature and human being (wood graffiti, cement mine).
In 2005 he awarded by the Prima Prize (Komárom-Esztergom county) and his new album This side of the see – Presence of the Mediterranean, was published and presented in the House of Future, Budapest.
Sometimes he is re-using and re-freshing old-fashioned materials from the beginning of the history of photography (emulsions, aquarelle paper) the experimented and exclusive results were exhibited in Italy titled Soave.
After spending a month in India his experiences was summarized in an exhibition titled Hidden side of India
His See-pictures were presented at Nagyvárad (Romania), Tallinn (Estonia).
Szamódy actives as a cultural manager, he is a member of some cultural and photo foundation and from 2002 he is the chairman of the Association of the Hungarian Photographers. He is responsible for the events of the FOTÓHÓNAP – Month of Photography (organized in every two years in Budapest and other cities of Hungary) this international photo festival is a big celebration of the old and contemporary photography.
Thanks to his high-ranking position, the president Association of the Hungarian Photographers was invited to several photo festivals all over the world.

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